Almost There but not Quite

It was almost a great day, but then realized tomorrow was Monday.

I almost always had what I need, but nothing could gratify my greed.

I almost made a billion, but fell short by a million.

I almost made it in life, but then a new goal stared me in the face.

I always never give up but then I found out it was not worth anymore.

I almost understood life but then I was awaiting eminent death.

I almost got what I wanted but then had to settle for a little less.

I almost love my job but I would rather do something else!

via Daily Prompt: Almost


What’s a Confession?

Are confessions factually accurate admissions of actions? What about our deepest and darkest desires on which we may never act and thus, the world at large and even our dearest ones might never know of? Are we still guilty? Still accountable?Placeholder Image

What about the intent behind our actions? What about the need to confess? Is it genuine only if it stems purely from a desire to seek redemption? Is it ok to carefully weigh the repercussions and commit to confess only if it’s a rational choice?

What about the consequences to our lives? Is it just to pay the price with our present for our past sins?

What to make of the magnitude of our maladies? Confessing to a casual acquaintance of stealing cookies from moms Cookie jar makes for an interesting anecdote while confessing of infidelity to your life partner can do permanent irreversible damage (or change) to the course of your love and life.

How do we decide? Is it conscience? Integrity? Rationality? We might pompously proclaim to act in the same sane manner faced with the same set of circumstances. However, a deeper reflection shows that such an assertion indicates a strandedness of the compass of ones character.

Fellow bloggers and homo sapiens grappling with existential dilemmas are welcome share their thoughts.